Large Capacity Grandstands

Success and promotion at your event go hand in hand with the right seating solution. Grandstands For Hire are the company you can trust to make your event a success for both your spectators and you.

Seating Capacities

Seating capacities can be delivered for 300 to 2,500. Should capacity need to be increased over time, new requirements can be supported by the ability to subsequently extend stands with our flexible system. View our gallery to see just some of previous solutions we have provided to our clients.

Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Indoor and Outdoor venues can be catered for with equal ease. Each grandstand is designed to fully withstand the elements, plus the modular approach means grandstands can be erected at indoor venues with modest access.

Elevated Seating for the Best Possible View

Stadium seating can also be semi-elevated or elevated if required, this ensures your event-goers are provided with the best viewing angles possible, seating positions suiting the activity of the event being staged.

Short Term or Full Season

Grandstands For Hire provide flexible, adaptable seating solutions whether your event be short term, even down to one single day, through to contract hire for a part or complete season or more. Please contact us or request a quotation for further information.

Advertising and Sponsorships

Front guard panels which are fixed in front of the first seating row on elevated stands, as well as non-elevated stands where they are required, can be used to display advertising hoardings familiar at sporting events. These provide the opportunity for increased revenue and serve to attract sponsorship through advertising opportunity.

Sales of Demountable Stadium Seating Solutions

As well as hire of seating solutions for your event, Grandstands For Hire also offer sales of demountable stadium seating. Demountable systems provide cost effective, quality spectator seating particularly suitable for sporting clubs who may plan to move to a new venue in the future.

Grandstands For Hire offer hire and sales of stadium-style seating tailored in order that you and your spectators get the most from both your events and venue.

All our grandstands are built to the following specifications...

Front Entrance Gangways

With stepped access and hand rails as necessary.

Tip-up Seats

Constructed of UV stabilised polythene, hard-wareing and colour-fast.

Non-slip Walkways

All treadboards and walkways are non-slip, metsadeck™ mesh coated WBP 18mm plywood.


Canopies are comprised of a high-strength, lightweight aluminium framework with fire-retardant PVC roof, wall and gable ends.

Comfort Spacing

Our purpose built seatframes give a seat centre spacing of 495mm as opposed to the standard 460mm, giving improved vision and comfort to the spectator. The rise per row is 225mm.

Adjustable Footplates

each footplate is adjustable for continuous contact across the length and breadth of the grandstand's construction, thus allowing for the undulations of the ground.

Structural Components

The frame construction is made from hollow section, hot-dip galvanised, mild steel, secured using 12mm plated bolts.

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