Large Capacity Grandstands

When planning an event the most important thing is making sure you drum up enough interest to attract the right amount of visitors. But it’s no good going through all the effort of promoting the event to the masses if you don’t have enough seating to match the level of interest.

When it comes to providing seating, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The extra cost of additional seating is usually worth it for the extra revenue you’ll generate from being able to accommodate more guests.

Want to make sure you have enough seating space for your event? Whether indoor or outdoor, hundreds of guests or thousands, Grandstands For Hire is able to provide space and comfort for them to enjoy proceedings. We deliver all over the UK and all of our grandstands are available for hire or sale depending on your requirement. Get in touch today to get a large capacity grandstand quote for your event. Give us a call on 01989 720816 to get one now.

When it comes to planning your event there are plenty of things you need to take into account. Most important will be organising the entertainment, speakers or whatever else is set to be the main focus. After that, you will have to secure a venue and take care of branding and promotion of the event. Seating is essential, however, it’s something that can easily slip to the back of your mind. With Grandstands For Hire, you can have seating taken care of to free yourself up for other matters.

Why get large capacity grandstands?

Large capacity grandstands are able to seat between 300 and 2,500 guests depending on the expected attendance. For instances where grandstands need to be in place for longer periods, particularly at sports grounds, if attendance increases stands can be extended to account for larger numbers. So you don’t need to worry about being limited. Our grandstands can adjust as needs be.

They are suitable for use both indoor and out. Each grandstand is capable of withstanding the elements, so a bit of all-too-familiar British rain won’t do any damage. You may wonder how a grandstand capable of seating over 2,000 people will get indoors, but the modular structure of the grandstands makes this a breeze. They can be taken apart and re-assembled once inside, so even if the entry to your venue is tiny there is a way.

The grandstands make perfect spectator seating and are adjustable depending on the requirement of your event. Seats can be elevated or semi-elevated so you’re able to have them set at the best position to guarantee your guests don’t miss out on the action below.

Whether you need them for a single day, or a full season, Grandstands For Hire’s large capacity grandstand hire is flexible. In the past, we’ve supplied to one day events right the way through to football grounds needing them for multiple seasons. All of our grandstands are also available for sale if you need them even more permanently.

Furthermore, our grandstands can actually be used to help with sponsorship. The front guard panels attached to the front row of all our grandstands can be used for advertising hoarding, so you can make your event more appealing to potential sponsors.

Want to make sure you don’t have to turn people away? Whether you want temporary seating or something permanent, Grandstands For Hire will help you get the best seating solution for your event. Get in touch today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will give you a quote for large capacity event seating. Give us a call on 01989 720816 to speak now.

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