Mobile Grandstand Units

Are you hosting a small outdoor event? Grandstands might not seem the most obvious seating choice if you’re not looking at hosting thousands, but they can actually be a hassle-free, convenient solution to any seating problems you might have.

You may think the fuss of having grandstands delivered and installed isn’t worth it, however, there are portable solutions that minimise the inconvenience entirely. Allowing you to have adequate seating space without the trouble.

Want a simple seating solution for your event? Grandstands For Hire supplies portable grandstands for hire that are drive-in drive-out, needing very little assembly before they’re ready to use. We deliver all over the UK and supply any kind of event, in the past we’ve provided seating for the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin and New Year’s Parade in London. Get in touch today to get a mobile grandstand hire quote for your event. Give us a call on 01989 720816 to get one now.

Planning an event requires a great deal of effort to make sure things go off without a hitch. There are logistics to take care of including health and safety, promotion and organising entertainment or speakers. Any help you can get to ease the stress of planning is a no-brainer. So by letting Grandstands For Hire take care of your seating, you allow yourself to focus on other, more pressing matters.

What are the benefits of mobile grandstand hire?

Firstly, mobile grandstand hire is a cost-effective solution to seating problems. Instead of hiring larger capacity seating that you may not fill, opting for a smaller alternative will save you money. If you aren’t expecting a huge turnout, hiring a larger grandstand could leave you with lots of unfilled seats and gaps in revenue. By erring on the side of caution with a smaller grandstand, you’re less likely to undersell.

Our mobile grandstands are also incredibly easy to use. The tiered seating is built into a trailer and simply folds out after being driven to your location. Once the event’s over, the seating is folded back into the trailer and driven away. What easier way to seat 171 guests? The seats are spread out over 7 rows with a 3m wide central aisle. Each unit takes up 14m x 6m.

Despite being smaller and less expensive than our large capacity grandstands, the mobile alternative can still seat up to 171 guests. So, if you want to save on seating, you won’t have to limit the number of guests too much. You can also hire more than one mobile grandstand if you want to seat more but retain the convenience of the drive-in drive-out model.

As well as providing comfortable seating for your guests, our mobile grandstands also come with cover for event-goers. It’s an unfortunate reality that the British weather is not always the most agreeable. For this reason, our mobile grandstands come fitted with cover that extends over all 171 seats. So guests won’t have to worry about the rain or wind ruining their day.

There’s also the opportunity to attract more sponsorship with our mobile grandstands. The back wall offers 13m x 1.4m of space free for branding and advertising. So you can attract more funding for your event with the offer of advertising space.

Want to save money and make sure there are enough seats for your guests? Whether you’re putting on a sporting event, agricultural show or concert, Grandstands For Hire will seat your guests in the most straightforward way. Get in touch today and one of our representatives will give you a mobile grandstand hire quote for your event. Give us a call on 01989 720816 to get one now.

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