The Importance of Crowd Management at Your Event

At times people can be unpredictable which makes crowd management integral for the safety of everyone at your event or festival whether they are attendees, staff, speakers or performers.

And if everyone in attendance is safe, they're more likely to have a good time. Which helps make your event a success and make people want to come back next time.

Crowd control is essential at every stage of your event, from attendees' arrival and entry, while the event is taking place and when people are leaving. Effective crowd management involves a combination of barriers, fencing, security staff and lots of planning.

At entry there will be a number of people queueing up, having a carefully thought out system of crowd control fencing and barriers can turn this situation from a chaotic influx of attendees all trying to get in at once into an efficient and orderly queueing system.

This also makes it easier to make ensure only the right people get in. So, if your event requires a ticket or payment for entry, everyone can easily be checked for tickets so you don't lose out on earnings.

In addition to this, it helps ensure no illegal or dangerous items are brought onto the premises by allowing proper time and space to check attendees.

It maintains order and reduces the chance of damage occurring to people or property.

Fencing and barriers control the flow of event-goers while the event is taking place to, and can mark out facilities and amenities such as food stalls, and toilets.

How to get crowd management right: 6 things to consider

Making sure you have adequate crowd control provisions for your event requires a lot of planning, some things to take into account are:

How people will move around the premises

This allows you to strategically place fencing and barriers to direct the flow of event goers, ensuring they only go where they are supposed to. This prevents attendees from entering dangerous areas, disrupting performers and it also helps prevent the loss or damage of valuable equipment. It is also vital to keep control over overcrowding, ensuring people move in an efficent manner around the site will greatly reduce this risk.

The nature of the event

Different types of event will attract different audiences and influence how they move around the site, so by taking this into account you can properly plan the layout of crowd control measures. Has the event been held before? How many people are likely to attend? All of these are factors when planning crowd management.

Risk assessment

This involves looking at the work that needs to be carried out for the running of the event and identifying potential risks and hazards, as well as reasonable measures that can be taken to try and mitigate these risks. Information on what's required of a risk assessment can be found here.

Carry out an audience profile

Try and work out how they are likely to behave in the event scenario - will alcohol be involved, could tension create situations - sporting events in particular - try and work out how many people will attend: look at ticket sales, similar events, previous attendance if the event has been held before

Traffic at the event

Is the location easy to access? Are there already things in place to make it clear where vehicles can and can't go? If not, you need something to clearly mark out these areas and also consider the safety of pedestrians.

Entry and exit to the event

To make things easier for you and your event staff is it necessary to stagger entry? As well as using barriers to control the flow of people coming in, staggering start and finish times for different talks or performances can make things much more manageable.

Who you need to work with

It may be beneficial to liaise with other organisations such as the owners of the venue, transport operators, service providers (security, etc) and local residents if any of the event occurs in a public area. Working with others will help you build a more complete picture of the potential risks and do a better job of preventing them.

At Securifence and Border Group, we have decades of experience providing a range of products and services to events all over the UK and further afield. As a result we like to think we know a little bit about what makes an event a success.

So if you choose us as a supplier of event fencing, crowd control barriers or whatever else, not only will you get high quality products, you'll also get access to the expertise we've developed over the years.

Anything you think we missed? If there's anything you wouldn't dream of planning crowd management without that we haven't mentioned, let us know.

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